Social Responsibility at Desguace Paris is conceived as a culture of mutual demand between our company, our society and its institutions.

Indeed, in addition to strict compliance with current legal obligations, voluntary integration into its government and its management, in its policies and procedures, of social, labour, environmental and rights concerns and of respect of human rights that arises from the transparent relationship and dialogue with their stakeholders, thus taking responsibility for the consequences and the impacts that derive from their actions. Desguace Paris is socially responsible meeting satisfactorily the expectations that its stakeholders have over its operations.

Within the scope of their commitment, Desguace Paris integrates aspects of Corporate Governance, Human Rights, Labour, Suppliers, Social Action (relationships with local communities and with private development cooperation) and Environmental impact.



During the last years we have taken part in training activities within the framework of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact and in the call for good practices 2013.

In 2013 we are in full implementation of our first equality plan with which we hope to adapt to a social need that we consider to be fair. Although we are a small company, we don’t want to abstract ourselves from the demands of society and for this reason we will continue with concrete actions in environmental issues:

  • With reforestations in the successive annual editions of the campaign "Take care of your environment, Take care of you".

To our stakeholders (workers) by expanding their professional skills with quality training to help them boost their careers.